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In need for a perfect companion to your
PQC's wheel chair, do not worry we have just the right product for you. Choose from the wide range of wheel chair cushions and back supports to make it even more comfortable.

Our values incorporate "Price", "Quality" and "Comfort" and we strive everyday to bring the best to our customers.

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Proactive_Foam_Cushion Foam Cushion

  • Helps in the prevention of pressure sores.
  • High density polyurethane foam.
  • Stretch cover is breathable and comfortable.
  • (2) security ties for added safety.
  • 1 year warranty.

List Price: $20.00
Gel_Cushion_for_Wheelchair Gel Cushion

  • Helps in prevention and treatment of pressure sores.
  • Gel bladder designed to eliminate migration.
  • High density polyurethane foam.
  • Stretch cover is breathable and comfortable.
  • (2) security ties for added safety.
  • 1 year warranty

List Price: $30.00
Protekt_Ultra_Back_Cushion Protekt™ Ultra Back Cushion

  • Improves seating posture while providing back support and comfort.
  • Conforms to provide support to lumbar region.
  • Stabilizing board insert prevents hammocking in sling back wheelchair.
  • Stretch nylon cover is low shear and breathable.
  • Adjustable safety straps for added security.
  • 1 year warranty.

List Price: $30.00
PROTEKT_ULTRA_CUSHION Protekt™ Ultra Cushion

  • Molded high density pressure sensitive foam
  • Gel Bladder designed to eliminate migration
  • Gel infused visco foam top layer
  • Soft foam allows immersion of pelvis for comfort and stability
  • Medial and lateral side supports facilitates positioning
  • Trochanter cut outs facilitates proper pressure redistribution
  • Low shear and breathable stretch nylon cover
  • Safety buckles keeps the cushion in place
  • 18 month warranty
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

List Price: $45.00
Protekt_Plus_Cushion Protekt™ Plus Cushion

  • Molded high density pressure sensitive foam.
  • Leg troughs promote thigh alignment and postural symmetry.
  • Raised front ridge controls sliding.
  • Low shear stretch nylon cover.
  • Safety strap keeps cushion in place.
  • 1 year warranty.

List Price: $50.00
Protekt_O2_Cushion Protekt O2 Cushion

The Protekt™ O2 cushion is Proactive Medical's premier wheelchair cushion for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. The soft interconnected air cells allow for deep immersion providing constant low pressure across the seating surface.

List Price: $150.00
Geri_Chair_Overlay Geri Chair Overlay

Geri-Chair overlay. Pressure redistribution and unprecendented comfort is delivered for individuals who use Dalton's Geri-Chair Overlay on a daily basis.

List Price: $299.00
Sale Price: $199.00
Savings: $100.00
Air_Cell_Cushion Air Cell Cushion

The Air Cell Cushion is our premier pressure management cushion offering dynamic positioning, unmatched stability and an advanced level of pressure ulcer prevention.

List Price: $289.00
Sale Price: $209.00
Savings: $80.00

The Roho Quadtro Select wheelchair cushion is among the most popular cushion among users and clinicians. Providing the best of pressure relief and stable positioning. Each and every user will benefit from a customized fit through the simple push of a knob. The revolutionary ISOFLO Memory Control offers shape fitting capabilities while the user is seated, allowing quick and easy on-demand adjustment to maximize function. With the built-in stability and simplicity of the QUADTRO SELECT Cushion, no longer will you have to sacrifice maximum skin protection to get stability, positioning or convenience. The Roho QUADTRO SELECT Cushion does it all.

ROHO® is the registered trademark of ROHO Group, Inc.

List Price: $357.00
High_Profile_Roho High Profile by ROHO

  • Recommended for those with current impaired skin
  • Simple and easy to adjust to fit your shape
  • Available in over 25 stocked sizes, custom sizes available also

List Price: $357.00
Low-Profile_Roho Low Profile by ROHO

  • Recommended for those with none to partial sensation
  • Multi-cellular, air-filled design adjusts to the users unique contours
  • Available in over 20 stocked sizes, also available in custom sizes

List Price: $357.00
Apex_Sedens_500 Apex Sedens 500 (Cushion for wheelchair) *

The seat cushion comprises dynamic air cells which alternate in a one in two cell cycle to offer the user pressure relief in the sacral area. The cushion also offers a static mode function.
The Sedens 500 is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery which provides twelve hours of operation on a full charge.
This gives the user the freedom to go about their daily life whilst also receiving pressure area management.

*Please note that the wheelchair is not included.

List Price: $695.00
Sale Price: $395.00
Savings: $300.00

At PQC we are proud to be associated with brands that keep the comfort of the customer as their priority. We carry products from Mega Brands like ROHO and Proactiv Medical that not only provide the best quality product but also we provide the Best Price of these products.

Moreover, our star product APEX SEDENS 500 is something that adds value to our collection. It is only available at PQC Health and is the ideal product for everyone out there.

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